About the Esterhuizen Family

In 1998 I, Fabian Esterhuizen, got saved at the Pentecostal Unity Mission Church under the leadership of Pastor Anthony in Cape Town, Eastridge.

In 2007 I got married to a beautiful lady by the name of Rochelle whom at that stage was saved for 8 years and had a great love for God and ministry. In 2008 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and we named her Faith.

In 2010 at work I was approached and asked to manage one of the main office’s branch which was the one in Bloemfontein. At that stage of my life Rochelle and myself were new to Bloemfontein and knew no one here. The first thing we decided on was to approach the throne room of God and ask Him if it was His will for us to move to Bloemfontein. A week after we prayed, God spoke to me through His Word. He said that He will be with us wherever we go (Isaiah 43 v 1-3). On that same day I shared with my wife what God had confirmed and she said that she also needs her own confirmation from God. A few days went by and God did just that. The Word she got was in Isaiah 43 v 18.

Our move to Bloemfontein was in the same year (October) we got the confirmation. It was on the first Sunday of the month. I remember that we were driving to the Loch Logan Mall when we saw a big yellow and white tent (it was The Potters House Church) on the side of the road and immediately we changed our minds about going to the mall and went into the tent. It was our first service at the church. After the service people flocked towards us and they made us feel at home. From that moment we knew that we had found a spiritual home. We went back to the church every Sunday ever since. We got to know the pastor and his family (Pastor David Kennedy and Sister Louise along with their kids) through fellowshipping.

Our love for God inspired us to attend all the services (Sunday and the midweek). Pastor Kennedy challenged me on certain areas of my life and for the three years I was under his leadership in the Willows church. The biggest challenge then came when Pastor Kennedy asked me if I would like to pioneer a church and would like to be sent out at the 2012 Bible Conference. I accepted the challenge.

My wife and I were sent out to Heidedal and had our first church service in January 2013. I witnessed a great move of God in people’s lives there and it gave me great joy. In the 4 years we were pioneering, the church grew to 65 members by the power of God.

Pastor Kennedy was initially from London, UK. In 2017, he had been in South Africa for a decade and it was time for him to go back home. He asked me if I would like to take over the mother church (the Willows church) since he and his family were moving back to London. It was a big challenge for me and I accepted it because I believe in God’s Word (Philippians 4 v 13). Over the years we had two churches sent out from the mother church, i.e. the Heidedal church was taken over by Pastor Att and sister Malecia Matoti and pastor Gee and sister Kea Rakotsoane pioneered a church in Vista Park.

We had a farewell for the Kennedys in December 2017 and I began my ministry of filling in for Pastor Dave on the same month. He left a great legacy here for us. We are currently renting a building as the willows church at the Roseview Primary School and are believing God for our own building. In 2019 we are believing God for fruitfulness in discipleship, church planting, and world evangelism.