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2013-05-31 104204My life was to go out drinking every weekend and holiday season, chasing after women, foul talk  and stealing and cheating were the order of the day. I used to live my life for the here and now and I would take each day as it comes. My life had no meaning and twice I thought about committing suicide as I felt I could not cope with life`s troubles anymore. It wasn’t until the 18th of April 2010 when God found me that my life changed.

I woke up and out of the blue decided to go to church. That same day God found me in my sin, I got born again, God came into my life, forgave me all my sins, cleansed me and I became a new creature. From that day I never looked back and was always looking forward to the next service every week.

After some time of attending church and reading the word of God, he began to open my eyes and my mind and I began to see things differently and how I had been a slave to sin and the world. He gave me dreams and for the first time my life had purpose as he became part of it and also showed me that I live for others.
He challenged my thinking and the way I go about making decisions. I used to be a shy person who could not stand in front of people, now he has given me the courage and boldness to speak openly about his word and kingdom.

He blessed me with a job, a church family that truly cares, he gave me his wisdom and his peace. I don’t have suicidal thoughts anymore and I have come to experience his true love and grace.

And the same love and grace is not reserved for a chosen few but for everyone, it is his desire that all be saved. If only we are to open our hearts and accept the love and grace that he so freely gives. He calls to us to come and taste of him and to find out how sweet he is, ha calls us to take upon ourselves his yoke because it is light. He designed life so that we do not go through it alone but he wants to be part of it, to have a relationship with us as his people, and the only way this can be possible is by accepting his son Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour. I have a relationship with him, I have tasted of him and I know for myself that he is indeed sweet, what about you?

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